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Thursday, 28 January 2016

Oh Pinterest, how much do I love thee? Let me count the ways. You got me through a DIY budget wedding and have always been there with a last minute outfit idea, and now, my little fingers are exhausting your beautiful interior inspirations.
During the lull times of buying a house (there are lots of them) I like to waste many an hour planning what my home will eventually look like when we move in (please just take my money and give me the keys!!)
Even though we rent we've been looking enough to  be able to decorate more or less to our own tastes. Previously I've always like to inject a bit of colour into my walls and furniture, but over time I've felt tied to the accents colours in the wallpaper and sofa. Although its only subtle, its amazing how restricting this can be. This time I've made the decision to keep my décor fairly neutral and inject colour via accessories and soft furnishings.
Greys and white seem to be my neutrals of choice. I love the simplicity of grey and with two black fur babies (one of whom with a love of muddy puddles) creams and whites are not always practical, so grey is a good choice, particularly for furniture. Purples with a grey undertone like lavender create a really calming scheme which is exactly what I want to aim for. We are planning on changing our furniture for a chaise sofa and a chair, but I really can't justify the expense of a full on wing back chair (I'm looking at you £400 Next chair!) so Pinterest came up trumps with the Ikea Strandmon. Its so classic looking with a retro vibe and with a matching footstool for under £200, the husband is pretty pleased too!
I've really struggled to choose a colour scheme for my bedroom. I currently have navy and I still really like it but with a new house you feel you have to have a completely new colour, you know? I  feel in love with copper accents and while these won't work in my kitchen, copper will look great for my drawer pulls and dressing table accessories. Teamed with a blush pink, ala this years Panetone colour of the year, and my neutrals it should work for a feminine but not overly girly bedroom.
As I updated my bathroom and kitchen recently, I intend to keep the same schemes when we move, but as we will have windows I can add extra blinds and other items to finish it off properly.
Now all I want to do is go shopping - hurry up house!

My Most Expensive Blog Purchase - Sony A5000

Monday, 25 January 2016

When I first started this blog, way back when, my photography skills were terrible and my layouts had even more to be desired, I used a combination of whichever iPhone incarnation I was toting around at the time, and a pretty dusty point and shoot. I fairly swiftly upgraded to a second hand bridge camera, but secretly always wanted a camera with changeable lenses, but didn't really feel I could justify the purchase

Despite not blogging for a while, my hankering for a more complex piece of kit never went away, but the cost was still pretty high. Coupled with knowing it was never going to go very far, just by virtue of the sheer size of a bonafide DSLR, choosing said camera was pretty difficult.

Enter the Sony A5000. This little piece of gorgeousness is my current favourite new toy and has travelled a fair distance so far (although it is far too precious to make a girls night out).

First of all - I mean it's pretty pretty isn't it? Ordinarily  I would always choose black or silver, but when I saw this came in white, I knew that was the colour I had to go for - because its all about the outside when picking a camera right?
Well no, obviously not. I really want to get into trying different lenses in order to achieve that ever so sought after blurred background. The A5000 comes with 16-50mm zoom lens which is just perfect for achieving these shots. Whenever I've zoomed in on something before it tends to lose focus or go blurry but this doesn't - it stays crisp and clear.
The LCD flip up screen is also a great little feature - particularly  for taking selfies or outfit shots. Its a shame it doesn't swing out sideways, which I seem to instinctively want it to do, but I'm getting used to it flipping up.
The A5000 has got various little features for making your pictures look extra perfect, including soft skin effect (helps smooth out some of the wrinkles which I seem to be acquiring the older I get!) For a lot of bloggers the inclusion of HD video and the ability to connect to WIFI and upload straight to your mobile is fab! I haven't used the video feature just yet but I love sending pictures straight to my mobile, adding an Instagram filter and uploading straight away, without the need to involve my laptop at all.
Without the lens attached the body is really slim and easily fits in a small bag - its similar to a point and shoot, however the lens does make it a slightly more bulky shape, and then only really fits into a proper size handbag. As I'm still a bit nervous about taking it anywhere, its only really come out on day trips when I have a big tote with me, so this hasn't really caused too much of a problem just yet.
I picked this one up for about £180.00 on Ebay. It was advertised as used, bt the box and all the contents were in pristine condition - with all the wrap ties, so I'm not even sure it was used. Either way, I fell like I've got a bit of a bargain.
I'm still learning more about my camera and its features, but I've got some events coming up this year and I'm excited to see what I can achieve with it.

Where to begin.......

Saturday, 23 January 2016

This has actually been a petty hard post to write - I mean, where do you start? It's like going back to school after the school holidays only you're a week behind everyone else and you kinda don't know where you fit anymore. The blog world changes so much on a daily basis that to be away as long as I have you start to wonder where you slot back in, and the longer you leave it, the harder it is.
The lovely Rosie popped an email into my inbox gently reminding me I was currently top ad spot on her blog. I'd signed up months ago (because she is so lovely she has a super huge waiting list) never dreaming my blog would be virtually disappearing by the point it went live. So actually big thanks to Rosie for giving me the kick up the bum I needed! The weird thing was I never stopped being a blogger in my head, snapping pictures, replacing my old camera with a shiny new one (more to come) and regularly thinking "ooo I must blog about this!".
With such a long absence you expect there to be some sort of long winded explanation with reasons why. The truth is I don't have any big revelations it just that sometimes life just gets in the way! The last you heard of me I was getting very excited for my honeymoon then - bam nothing! (Just for the record the honeymoon did happen, honest!)
I think the problem was after the honeymoon I sort of fell out with the world a little bit after that. We had been in the process of starting to buy a house and we came back from holiday pretty excited. Three days later everything fell through and I was pretty annoyed frankly. We currently rent and because we rent off my parents we have a lot of freedom in terms of our décor choices. After almost four years everything was starting to get a bit tired and ready for a refresh but we had been holding off as we were moving and my Mum had plans to renovate. When everything fell through, I got pretty down. I've always been a house proud person and I'd lost that a little. The next two or three months saw the paint brushes get whipped out and various little changes occur which made big changes to my mood. This did mean dipping into our savings but we figured it would be worth it as most of what we did was transferrable.
Life never really works out for us like we hope it will. After settling back in to our slightly tired but slightly improved home, having just spent a little bit of "house" money, the house thing all started back up again! We are currently mid-purchase and let me tell you, the sooner it is over the better! Once you view and put your offer in you can't help but spend hours on Pintrest, swooning over Laura Ashley wallpaper and cosy evenings marking pages in the Book of Dreams (also known as the Next catalogue!)  Yet to me it all seems to be taking blumming forever. Having never bought a house (we've always rented) after just over two months and being no closer to exchange and completion I'm getting itchy feet!
Aside from the above, the back end of 2015 seemed to be a bit of a whirlwind of weddings, parties, events (including our first wedding anniversary - I've been a Mrs for, well, over a whole year now!) and work, and before you knew it Christmas (and all that goes with that!) had arrived - mid house purchase! Our timing, as always, is impeccable.
So despite this being hard to start I didn't struggle with things to say. I thought I'd include a picture of a few of the things 2015 entailed but rather than looking back lets move forward to lots of exciting things for the rest of 2016!

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