Cosying up for Autumn

Wednesday, 9 October 2013



As well as changing my wardrobe over with the changing of the seasons, I also like to make a few changes in my home in preparation for those long, dark, cold evenings, spent snuggled up inside. There's nothing more enjoyable than listening to the rain batter against the windows outside, whilst I'm tucked up surrounded by snuggly cushions and blankets, enjoying a hot chocolate with a good book.
I don't like to keep all my cushions and blankets out all year round, and I change them over as the nights draw in and the days get cooler. I also change from voile net curtains over my patio doors to thicker, heavier lined red curtains. This also helps with keeping the, ever so expensive, heating bill down, by avoiding having it on for just that little bit longer. We never really have the fire on through the summer, so it's nice to turn on the dancing light in the evenings - it makes me feel warm just looking at it.
The checked blanket, owl cushion and New York cushion are all recent purchases from Primark.
My footstool often hides at the end of the sofa in the summer, but it gets much more use in the autumn and winter, as we spend more time at home, and usually have more visitors, as we all seem to go out less. It sits at the side of the fire in the winter, so it can be easily brought out. The wicker baskets go down the end of the sofa instead - at least until the Christmas tree goes up!
I also change things round in my bedroom. In the summer I like to use crisp white bedding. Come autumn I switch over to darker shades, with more cushions and I like to pile up the bed with lots of throws and blankets for chilly nights. The darker bedding also means that when a slightly soggy Labrador happens to jump on the bed, I don't have paw marks over my lovely white sheets! Its also a perfect time to have a few candles and fairy lights around the house.
In both rooms I like to add a nice furry rug, to make the floors warmer in the living room, and I love burying my toes in my sheep skin rug in the bedroom in the morning.
I also like to change my scents over too. In the summer I use fresher scents, whereas at this time of year, I like to use more autumnal, heavier scents. I may even use something slightly cinnamon, which gets me starting to feel slightly festive! I also like to have a lot more scented candles around than I do in the summer too.
Do you make any changes to your home as the seasons change? Do you enjoy posts like this?

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