Bows Bangles & Bakes Book Review - The Secret Island

Friday, 26 July 2013


Bit of a classic read this month. The Secret Island by Enid Blyton has got to be up there as one of my favourite childhood books. When I hit my teens, I sadly got rid of a lot of books I had - Secret Seven's; Famous Five; Mallory Towers; Trebizon; Babysitters Club (remember any of these?) and although I don't really have the space I massively regret this, and I'm slowly trying to re-build some of these collections.
One of my favourites was Enid Blyton's 'The Secret Series." It's typical Blyton fare, full of "gollys" and "gosh" and 'lashing's of ginger beer'; (did you know that the phrase lashings of ginger beer was never actually said in a Famous Five book; it actually came from the satirical Comic Strip Presents......Five Go Mad in Dorset)and the usual girls making house, boys doing boy-type things but I can easily get past all that by accepting that was how genders were perceived at that time.
The Secret Island involves three siblings, who are living with their 'horrid' Aunt and Uncle, after their parents died in a place crash, and their friend Jack, tells them that they can go and runaway together and live on an Island in the middle of the nearby lake. The story is about how they live and survive on the Island
I think the reason I like this book so much, is the whole practicality side of things - they literally think of everything and anything they might need - including a cow and some chickens for fresh eggs and milk (obviously!). The fact that they manage to avid by found for so long (the book implies months) could only happen in an Enid Blyton book, and the ending is just as typical, but do you know what, that's exactly why I love it.
Do you remember any of your favourite childhood books? Did you keep them all or do you regret giving them away when you got older?

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