Tuesday, 28 May 2013

I know I've not blogged for a week or so, and I had wanted to do much more as I've been advertising on Sprinkle of Glitter this month (hello to any of you that have found me this way!) but this week has been quite hard. I did go away for the weekend, but whilst I was away my house cat got out and hasn't come home since, so I have been focusing a lot of energy on hopefully trying to find her. I'm trying to stay positive as she has been seen, she just doesn't seem to want to come back into the house. (Edit - My baby has now finally come home!!)
Before I went away, alot of my time was taken up with wedding planning. I said I wouldn't overload you with loads of wedding-y stuff, but as this is what my month has mostly consisted of, I thought I would share some of the pictures I've been pinning as part of my weddings ideas.
Wedding Planning

I have already booked both of my venues. We will be getting married in my village Church, with a wedding breakfast and evening buffet at a local golf club. This hopefully prevents any difficulties with travel arrangements for people and all of our guests should be able to attend.

My colour scheme is going to be navy blue and blush pink, with cream. My bridesmaids will be wearing navy dresses, and my chair sashes will be navy. The pink will be picked out in the flowers, the men's cravats/ruches, and perhaps some of the favour ribbons. I'm hoping to wear navy shoes too!

Probably somewhat unsurprisingly, I want to go for a bit of a vintage theme. Despite the modern colour scheme, using the navy, I think this is still quite achievable, and although my picture selection perhaps doesn't demonstrate this fully I have ideas in my head of how I want it to look.

I don't want a traditional wedding cake either, and will juts have one top tier with the rest being cupcakes.

The Dress
I have found it really hard to pick a dress I like as I don't like many styles of wedding dress. I have found one online that I like but I haven't tried any on yet. At present I think I want something slightly lacy, in cream, with straps or sleeves. I don't want to show it too much just yet as I want to keep some surprises for people. I'm not intending to change my hair colour or style, and I think I'm going to go for either an art deco style head hair brooch/clip or maybe a small 'birdcage' veil.

Sorry this months list is a bit short and disjointed, but hopefully you can all understand that at present my heart just isn't quite in it at the moment. I'm trying to remain positive and hopefully I'll be back soon with some posts from the Sheffield Blogger Meet and various other bits and pieces.

Do you like seeing my wedding updates? Would you like to see more of them?

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