Thrifting in Lincoln (Part 1)

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Last weekend I took some holiday days and had a long weekend from work. On Monday my friend and I decided to take an trip to Lincoln for a day of thrifting and a spot of lunch.

I am a terrible blogger and didn't take many pictures myself whilst we were out, so I've taken a few from other places on the Internet (these are sourced) I really need to get braver at taking pictures whilst out and about (does anyone else feel nervous about this?)
Lincoln is a pretty university city, and perfect for a girlie day out. As you probably know I am an avid thrifter, and I knew there would be some gems to have in Lincoln, if I was willing to dig for them. Our search started off small, with this little nautical jumper from BHF. It is Primark, but at £2.50 I'm a sucker for anything nautically inspired. BHF is at the one end of the high street and we were headed in the other direction to the aptly named "Steep Hill", as I recalled a tea room up there from previous visits, albeit some time ago.

Whilst on route, we came across a very pretty looking charity shop, for St Barnabas Hospice with a beautiful window display. Everything in there was of real quality (no Primark in here thank you!) and my friend and I spent a good 40 minutes cooing over everything. We ventured upstairs, and found a veritable vintage haven! We spent so long looking I completely forgot to take a single picture, for which I was kicking myself afterwards! Luckily I was able to find the shop's blog (the upstairs of which is called The Attic) to show you some pictures that way.



The store is holding a vintage night on Thursday 14th March (please send an email to to be added to the guest list. More details can be found via the hospice blog).

My finds consisted of this Vila navy polka dot wrap dress, a Glamorous jumper with suede elbow patches, and this gorgeous Dorothy Perkins blouse, all for £13.97. A little bit more expensive than some people would wish to pay in a charity shop, but I'm certain the Vila dress would have been £8 in some others!
On leaving, my friend spotted a street sign for a vintage store, being the braver one of the two she boldly ventured into the tiny little Mr Bojangles down a little side street. There I got my find of the day. A vintage cosmetic travelling case in Navy blue. I spent about 10 minutes convincing myself I didn't need yet another vintage suitcase, whilst my friend spent a further 10 telling me I did! Knowing she was right and that I would regret it later, the little case came with me for my bedroom and to add to my growing collection. With my purse £16.20 lighter (thanks to a very generous student discount, when its my friend whose the student, not me) we went in search of much needed refreshment.

We had a side stop in Ego clothing. Their vintage section upstairs is an absolute dream! Everything is genuine vintage and racked by year of production. We didn't buy anything in here but its worth a visit!

(This post was originally meant to be one post, but due to the length has been split into two parts!)

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