Open the box........

Sunday, 27 May 2012

I love getting the little card through the post that tells me theres a parcel at the sorting office. I had a feeling I knew what it would be but I didn't expect a box this big!!

I subscribe to 'My Cake Decorating' Magazine. I enjoy baking and decorating cupcakes, as can been seen through various posts throughout my blog. I hadn't received a magazine for a while so I suspected this is what it was, but I still couldn't fathom out the size of the box! The only problem with subscribing is that you get a month worth of magazine's all in one go, so that means you end up behind, alhough I think I'm an issue in front now.

I received four magazines, and the associated tools, plus an addtional Jubilee special addition.  The special editions are at an extra cost but as a subscriber the cost is £2 cheaper than it is in the shops.

At the top of the picture are the tools that come with the Jubilee edition. You really do get loads with it, including cupcake wrappers (some ar just lacy ones so I think I will save these ones for another occasions) a crown cutter, crown stencils and cake toppers. heres also a pack of some jelly dots, which I'll be quite honest looked liked breast implants for a barbie doll!! Seriously! I kid you not! Then I realised they are upside down and the are edibles jewels. (I'm still not sure if I will actually want to eat them though now!)

With the normal magazines I received some more stencils, two piping tips, a cameo mould - which I'm really looking forwrad to trying out on some mini cakes, and two flower embosser/cutters. I also received a binder, which holds my magazines much nicer, but I'm rather miffed it doesn't fit on my shelf!

 But even after all this, it still didn't explain the size of the box!

But this did!!! As a subscriber I receive additonal free gifts. I'd already received a sugar craft gun and this was my second gift - a cake caddy! I've been meaning to buy one of these for ages, but now I think I'll get one especially designed for cupcakes. 

 Pretty snazzy eh? And I think a pretty good 'free gift' that's of a decent quality and something I will use.
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